At The Plush we have a unique vision of Interior Design. We believe in creating design that is practical yet capable of reaching the highest standards of aesthetics. We paraphrase this approach as “Interiors for the sake of Art!”

Truly artistic

Truly artistic design always goes beyond fashion. At The Plush, we not only fulfill the demands of a contemporary lifestyle but also preserve artistic classicism. We uphold the purity of creative values in our work in an uncompromising manner. Like true painters we express the innate dreams and desires of our clients on the 3D canvass of their homes. Exploration of beauty in its myriad expressions is of paramount interest to us.

Here’s a look at some of the fundamentally artistic elements of our design philosophy.


Elegance is the cornerstone that defines our understanding of Interior Design. No matter what the design style is – classic or postmodern; ornate or minimalistic! Elegance to us is the very life-force that pulsates at the core of every theme that we conceive.


Design is elegance.Yet again, design is proportion. Proportion to us is the balancing force that harmonizes the form and the function. Our design process begins by envisaging the form. We then adorn it with careful detailing of the functional requirements. Outstanding Interior Design is a result of great inspiration that requires blending a logic and emotion in perfect balance.


We treat every design project as an expression of both your life and your style.  We coax the story of your life to emerge through colours, fabrics, lights, shapes and materials. Your unique life perspective, therefore, is the focal point of our creation. Our work then becomes a celebration of your success.

We love to leave behind something that is so authentically customised that you know that this creation is distinctively yours.